Student Senate

Do you have a passion for student government?
Want to develop leadership skills and enhance your resumé?


Attend a Meeting in Spring Quarter 2022!

Currently, regular meetings are held in the library building (with the rooms listed below), from 12pm-1pm. Upcoming meetings:

Tuesday, April 12th, Room L104

Tuesday, April 26th, Room L104

Tuesday, May 10th, Room L104

Thursday, May 26th, B103

Tuesday, June 7th, Room L104


Please visit BoardDocs for the upcoming agenda.

The Student Senate of Lake Tahoe Community College (SSLTCC) is comprised of dedicated students who have full-time schedules, college classes, work, and family lives. The Student Senate serves students' needs, concerns and interests at committee meetings on campus and also at the state level.

Who We Are

Student Senate is the student voice for the school. We represent the students in the community as well as at the state level. A copy of the LTCC Student Senate Bylaws and Constitution is available for viewing. This year we aim to accomplish many things to promote student life on campus. Our major goal is to work on advocacy projects that will help revitalize our higher education system. This way we will ultimately be able to represent the student. 



To inform students of their rights and responsibilities and to motivate students to participate in policy making that affects their education, thereby improving the quality of their educational experience. To involve students in extra-curricular activities, and maintain a high standard of student life by promoting and administering programs that enrich academic, cultural and social life at Lake Tahoe Community College.

How Does Student Senate Involvement Benefit Me?

Your participation in student government could prove to be one of the most valuable and meaningful experiences in your college career. You will gain experience in planning events and develop organizing, marketing and publicizing skills while gaining an awareness of various college programs and services.

In addition, being part of the decision making process of the college can help you develop your personal and leadership skills. You are given the opportunity to work with campus leaders and administrators. Your involvement can (and should!) be included on your resume and scholarship applications.


Join Us!

Submit an official Student Senate application. Attend a minimum of three (3) meetings before being inducted as an official Student Representative. Maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average, both quarterly and cumulatively. Maintain at least eight (8) units during the period of their office.