Free Funds for College

March 25, 2020

It’s scholarship season at LTCC, which means students can apply for free to access thousands of dollars from generous donors to support their ongoing education. This is financial help that never has to be repaid!

LTCC has a wide variety of scholarships available. Some are highly competitive, some less so. Some reward academic achievement, while others lean more toward recognizing community volunteerism. Most of the available scholarships can be applied to all at once using a common application. This can be filled out online, or there is a fillable PDF that students can also use to email their application in.

Most scholarship application deadlines have been extended to May 1, 2020. Go to to apply today!

Students, don’t fret about your GPAs. Just apply once and you’ll be considered for dozens of scholarships with hundreds of dollars being offered!   

Funds for scholarships are raised through the efforts of the LTCC Foundation and its board members. In 2019, the Foundation gave out over $162,000 and even more is available this year. If you’d like to support student scholarships through a donation, you can donate safely online by visiting