New Students

Checklist for College Disability Services

The Disability Resource Center is the campus office responsible for determining and providing appropriate academic accommodations for students with disabilities. In order for the DRC to determine a student's eligibility for services and to provide services, the following steps are recommended:

Apply to Lake Tahoe Community College through the LTCC Admissions Office.

Sign up for an orientation.

Apply for DRC Services
You will need to provide:
  1. Current IEP (or)
  2. Current psycho-educational report and/or medical verification of disability provided by a licensed professional.
  3. New DRC students must provide documentation and arrange to meet with a DRC specialist a minimum of two weeks before you will be requesting the accommodation. 
Make an Appointment with a Counselor/Specialist
  1. Make an appointment to meet with your disability support office counselor/specialist
  2. Complete intake procedures
  3. Discuss and write accommodations
  4. Plan classes
Register for Classes 
  1. Instructions are on the LTCC Admissions Webpage.