The Disability Resource Center at Lake Tahoe Community College provides services and accommodations that provide equal access to education. These services and accommodations may consist of in-classroom services such as Alternate Media, and/or outside-the-classroom services such as testing accommodations. Services and accommodations must be requested and approved by DRC Staff every quarter.
Individualized Support Services
• Academic Advisement Assessment for Learning Disabilities
• Disability-Related Counseling
• Equipment Loans
• Interpreters
• Learning Aids
• Liaison with Campus Faculty and Staff
• Linkage with University Disability Programs
• Notetaking Assistance
• Referrals to On-Campus and Community Agencies
• Registration Assistance
• Alternate Media
• Test-Taking Accommodations

High Tech Center
Any student who has a documented disability with the DRC has full access to the High Tech Center, located in Room A205. This space offers:
• Computers with adaptive software
• Special keyboard configurations
• Printing

Sign Language Interpreting Services 
Students requiring the use of a Sign Language Interpreter are asked to complete a Sign Language Interpreter Request Form which can be found on the DRC forms page