Current and Returning Students

If you are a student receiving DRC services, you must meet with DRC Faculty at least once per quarter to maintain your DRC status and continue receiving your disability-related accommodations. We will review your accommodations and work with you to ensure that you are gaining the maximum benefit from your educational experience. You may stop by the DRC in Room A205 (second floor, Main Building) to schedule an appointment, or contact us via phone (530) 541-4660 x249. If you are an online student, please email us at least once per quarter to let us know what classes you are in and to discuss appropriate accommodations. 

When requesting your DRC-approved exam accommodations, please complete the Request for Test Accommodations Form. Be sure to initial the bottom portion of the form so we may notify your instructor and the Library and Learning Center (LLC) that you will be taking your exam with accommodations in the LLC. Please contact the Library and Learning Center to schedule your exam at least 72 hours in advance. 

DRC students have access to a number of Disability Resource Center services including use of the High Tech Center, Academic Counseling, and disability-related accommodations. 

If you run into any school-related problems, please contact us right away. We want to help you resolve whatever the issue is before it becomes a bigger problem. If any of your accommodations are not working for you, let us know and we can discuss possible modifications. We are happy to help you successfully complete your college goals.