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Do you want to become a Coyote?  Here is some helpful information regarding eligibility, going to school at LTCC, living in South Lake Tahoe, and steps to becoming a Coyote.  

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Eligibility to play at Lake Tahoe Community College

LTCC is a California Community College.  A student-athlete can participate in a maximum of 2 years of a collegiate sport at the community college level.  After that, the student-athlete can transfer to participate in that sport at a 4-year college/university for his/her junior and/or senior year.  

If you have already competed 1 year at another college, you will have 1 year of remaining eligibility at the community college level.  If you have already competed 2 or more years at another college, you are not eligibile to participate in athletics at a community college.  

You are NOT eligible if you have competed as a professional at that sport.  

You must be enrolled and attending 12 units during the season.  To be eligible to play a second season, you must have completed 36 quarter units and have at least a 2.0 GPA since the first season. 

Transfer students

If you are currently participating at another California Community College, you must take 12 units at LTCC before you can start participating with LTCC Athletics.  If you are in-season with another California Community College, please wait to contact us until after the season has ended.  This residency requirement does not apply to non California Community Colleges.  

Costs to go to Lake Tahoe Community College

Below are estimated budgets for California residents and non-residents to attend Lake Tahoe Commuity College for the academic school year.  There are additional costs for living in South Lake Tahoe during the summer months.  There is potential financial aid available to U.S. citizens.  Please see below.  


Scenario 1 - IN-STATE/AB540

Fees                                                                  $1,224       $408 /term

Books and Supplies                                             $1,854       $618 /term

Room and Board                                               $13,293     $4,431 /term

Miscellaneous                                                     $3,006      $1,002 /term

Transportation                                                __$1,098       $366/ term

                                                  Total:          $20,475     $6,825 /term

Note: There are fee waivers available to low income families that are California residents.  



Tuition                                                              $6,084      $2,028/term

Fees                                                                 $1,224      $408 /term

Books and Supplies                                            $1,854      $597 /term

Room and Board                                               $1,3293      $4,431 /term

Miscellaneous                                                     $3,006      $972 /term

Transportation                                                 __$1,098      $369 /term

                                                  Total:         $26,559      $8,853 /term



Unfortunately, there is currently no on-campus housing.  The college is currently exploring the feasibility of dorms for the future, but it is not yet an option.  Please visit the college's housing page to find resources on finding a place to live in South Lake Tahoe.  

Another option is to contact current student-athletes in your sport to see if there are going to be any openings in their house/apartment for the upcoming year.  You may be able to connect to current student-athletes by finding the Facebook page for that specific sport for LTCC.  

Financial Aid

You may qualify for federal financial assistance if you are a U.S. citizen.  Please checkout information on the college's Financial Aid page.  There are also fee waivers (if you are eligible) and general scholarships that you can apply for.  

As part of the California Community College Athletic Association, LTCC is not permitted to give athletic scholarships.  

Steps to becoming a Coyote

  1. Contact the coach of your sport and inform him/her that you are interested in participating.  Start the discussion to see if you are a good fit for the team.  See the athletics staff directory for the coach's contact information.  
  2. Apply to the college.  
  3. Contact an athletics counselor.  See the athletics staff directory for the counselor's contact information.  
  4. Plan a campus visit.  Contact the coach to schedule a campus visit.  You can also view a virtual tour or schedule an on-campus tour.  

International students

There is an International Program Office on campus that serves as a resource to students from other countries. Please contact the International Program Cordinator if you are interested in attending LTCC.  He/she will be able to assist with a variety of topics including education visa and applying to the college.  The coordinator's contact information is on the International Program Office page.  

Jobs and work opportunities


South Lake Tahoe


Transferring to a 4-year college/university after LTCC

Checkout this guide to transferring to an NCAA college/university

Here is information about transferring to an NAIA college/university.  



Go Coyotes!!! 



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