Congressional District 4 Forum

Lake Tahoe Community College

S Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

As part of LTCC's ongoing efforts to provide non-partisan information for the 2020 Election and to support civic and student engagement, please join us Wednesday Oct. 28 at 6pm for a virtual Congressional District 4 Forum to hear participating candidate priorities and ideas. RSVP at to receive a link to join this virtual discussion moderated by LTCC President Jeff DeFranco.

Both the challenger, Brynne Kennedy, and current Rep. Tom McClintock were invited to participate; thus far, only Kennedy has accepted.
LTCC is now attempting to host separate conversations with each candidate, and hopes to have a time and date confirmed for a conversation with Rep. McClintock as soon as he is available. When that is confirmed, we will announce that to the community and host an identical forum for him. LTCC's overarching goal is to provide a non-partisan forum for both candidates, to educate our community and encourage student voter engagement.

Wednesday, 28 October, 2020


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