Brandman University @ LTCC

Brandman University at LTCC

In March 2018, LTCC added Brandman University, a private non-profit institution, as a partner to offer a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies and Applied Studies. These programs prepare students to enter into a multiple subject or special education teaching credential, providing a pathway for local students to achieve both the degree and credential needed to become a teacher.

Brandman University has a liberal transfer policy to help you transfer credits from LTCC and other WASC-accredited institutions. The goal is to prepare you to finish your BA degree in two years or less, so you can move quickly into the teacher credentialing program. 

Brandman University is offering this new degree pathway with a scholarship in the form of a tuition discount for all LTCC students and alums. Students can earn this degree for as little as $14,400 and up to $23,000 depending on how many units they earn through LTCC, their eligibility for further financial aid and scholarships, and other factors.


  • Applied Studies (pathway to teaching credential)/ Bachelor of Arts
  • Liberal Studies (pathway to teaching credential)/ Bachelor of Arts
  • Teaching Credential
  • Education / Master of Arts

For more information or to apply for an advanced degree program through Brandman University, visit the Brandman website. To apply, contact Amy Crown at or call (916) 789-6901.

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