Natural Science

Death Valley National Park
Zalophus californianus
Glacial erratic of Yosemite
Monterey Oceanography Fieldtrip
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Associate in Arts Degree, Natural Science

Transfer degrees are also offered in Geography and Geology.

The Natural Science degree provides students with an introduction to the nature of living things, our physical environment, matter, energy, and their interactions. The core areas covered by the degree are biology, chemistry, geology, geography, mathematics, and physics. Additionally, students pursuing this major have the option of exploring such diverse fields as environmental science and physical science. Many of the courses emphasize exploration and study Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas, a natural lab of outstanding beauty and richness.

Lake Catherine, Ansel Adams Wilderness 

Program Learning Outcomes

• Apply the scientific method to analyze science-related organisms, structures, processes, and issues in local, regional, national, and global level.

• Illustrate and convey how the particulate nature of matter corresponds to the microscopic properties of substances.

• Dissect, model, and communicate the complexity of the natural environment into its competent interconnected systems.