Associate in Arts Degree, Humanities

The Humanities degree is designed to provide an opportunity for study in several areas of Western civilization. The Humanities major is broadbased, allowing students to take courses in several fields - including literature and philosophy; the history of art, music, or theatre; languages; and the all inclusive humanities courses. The relationship of Western ideas and thought between the various fields of study is encouraged. Courses will also strengthen oral and written communication skills.

Areas of Study:
• Art
• History
• Literature
• Music
• Philosophy and Religion
• Theatre
• World Languages

Program Learning Outcomes

• Acquire a broadly-based view of Western cultural achievements.

• Recognize the historical importance of and relationships between various cultural areas.

• Recognize and understand individual works of art, music, drama, and literature in terms of the appropriate style or time.

• Place contributions by writers, composers, and artists within a historical time period.

• Recognize influences and create connections between the various arts, literature, and philosophy.

• Understand major developments in Western history and their influence on the arts, philosophy, and literature.

• Apply acquired foreign language skills to other areas of learning, as necessary and appropriate.


Career Opportunities

A degree in Humanities will provide training in the qualities of critical and analytical thinking and oral and written expression, which are important in a wide range of careers in business, government, or industry. Many companies prefer to train employees for specific careers and are looking for bright people. As with most college degrees, a degree in Humanities is evidence of attributes for which most employers are looking.