Green Sustainable Education

A degree is offered in Environmental Technology and Sustainability.


Established in 2008, the Green Sustainable Education (GSE) Program at Lake Tahoe Community College is a stand-alone department, interdisciplinary in nature that prepares students for lifelong roles as productive citizens, critical thinkers, and future change agents. GSE is committed to providing an exemplary educational experience centered on innovation, natural resource conservation, social entrepreneurship, and economic sustainability. By partnering with students, the community, and the living biosphere, the Green Sustainable Education Program is devoted to creating a healthy and prosperous world for present and future generations. 


Program Learning Outcomes

• Compare and contrast the elements of conventional living versus sustainable living.

• Compare and contrast various ways to save energy and water costs in your home and/or small business.

Top 10 Reasons to Join the GSE Program

1. You’ll have FUN (we promise).

2. You’ll earn college credit while learning to embrace The Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet and Profits...

3. Dedicated faculty: Committed to excellence in teaching and in creating solutions to social and environmental problems.

4. Small classes (12:1).

5. Field based learning: classes at LTCC often meet beyond the classroom with trips to locations with active solar energy systems in use.

6. It’s affordable! At only $31 per unit for California residents, these classes represent the most affordable, high quality training you will ever find!

7. Community: You just never know whom you may meet in one of our courses. Imagine the stories and networking…

8. Experiential education: Our educational philosophy emphasizes self-direction and learning by doing. We believe that education is a journey, not a destination!

9. Environmental ethic: Our curriculum fosters critical thinking and encourages an ethic of personal responsibility and environmental stewardship.

10. Ideal location: The Sierra Nevada is our classroom. (Need we say more?)