Professional Bookkeeper

Short-Term Departmental Certificate, Certified Bookkeeper

The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) has established a national professional certification, the Certified Bookkeeper (CB) credential, a professional standard for working bookkeepers. By successfully passing tests that cover six subjects, signing a code of ethics, and demonstrating two years' experience in bookkeeping, students earn the right to put "CB" after their name. The experience requirement may be completed before or after the national examination.

National certification distinguishes students from other bookkeepers because it proves that they have met high national standards and demonstrated the ability to handle all of the books for a small- to medium-sized business. Lake Tahoe Community College offers the following three courses which can be completed in one academic year to help students prepare for this national certification. For further information about this program, contact the Business department at extension 263.

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Required Courses

BSN 152A - Fundamentals of Bookkeeping I
BSN 152B – Fundamentals of Bookkeeping II
BSN 152C – Becoming a Certified Bookkeeper

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Related Occupations

• Regulatory Affairs Managers

• Compliance Managers

• Investment Fund Managers



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• Federal Student Loans = N/A

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Credential Code: 1, TOP Code: 050640, CIP Code: 52.0703, Standard Occupational Classification(SOC): 11-9199.01