Associate in Arts Degree, Business

Certificate, Business

The Business degree provides students with an introduction of the major components of a business organization in our global environment. Students pursuing this degree will also have the option of exploring such diverse fields as economics, business law, ethics, entrepreneurship, human resources, E-business, professional communication, and technology.

 Areas of Concentration
• Accounting
• Finance
• General Business
• Global Business
• Management
• Marketing
• Small Business Ownership
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Program Learning Outcomes

• Apply critical and analytical thought in diverse business situations.

• Identify and apply the basic principles of the disciplines which comprise the major.

• Identify and apply basic financial analysis tools and critical business skills needed to plan and manage strategic activities.

• Identify the key factors contributing to the complexity of the global business environment and its relationship with various political, social, cultural, and technological factors.


Career Outlook

Students who study Business Administration may find themselves working as a Bookkeeper, Accountant, or an Auditing Clerk. These positions are considered to be an organization's financial record keepers and represent a variety of skills and knowledge. Salaries in California range from $34,200 - $54,770. For more infomation on these careers, please refer to the California Occupational Guide.