Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy Technician

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Lake Tahoe Community College offers a certificate in the field of Phlebotomy Technician. In order to apply as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician I in California, students will be required to produce an official copy of their high school transcript (or GED). Students participating in the clinical placements as part of HEA144B will be required to provide proof of starting the Hepatitis B series and a current TB clearance within the last year, Varicella and Tdap vaccinations, and proof of positive antibody titer for MMR. The specifics of this documentation requirement will be explained at the first class meeting. 



All courses from the following (7.25 units):

HEA 144A Phlebotomy Training - Part 1 (Didactic) (5.75)
HEA 144B Phlebotomy Training , Part 2 - (Clinical) (1.5)

This employable skills certificate is offered in partnership with Barton Health. The program includes both basic and advanced classroom instruction and is designed for all beginning students and for phlebotomists with less than 1,040 hours of phlebotomy experience. The two-course sequence begins in the Winter quarter with HEA 144A (Phlebotomy Training -Part 1 (Didactic) and concludes in the Spring quarter with HEA 144B (Phlebotomy Training, Part 2 - (Clinical)). Successful certificate completion requires perfect attendance and a final grade of "Passing" or higher (defined as 84% or higher) in HEA 144A and 50 successful patient venipunctures and 10 successful patient skin punctures (pursuant to CCR, Title 17) in HEA 144B. In order to apply for certification, students will be required to provide a certified copy of their high school transcripts or GED, as well as proof of the Hepatitis B series.

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